Here are some of my projects

Experiences Diary

An interface where I can insert all by relevant personal experiences, label them, and associate skills to them.
The main objective of this project was to create a project database where I can store all the events I attended and experiences I had.
This Database contains a login page, where only I can login  to edit add remove, experiences and even see some hidden experiences.

This project was developed using html, vanilla javascript and jQuery using  google's Firestore as the Non Relational Database where everything is stored. 

It can be accessed  here by pressing the 'Experiences' tab.

IG Post Scheduler

A  program used to automatically post on Instagram. It grabs the description, hashtags, image and post date from a spread sheet and it schedules it.
Besides that, the project also includes hastag analysis capabilities, retrieving metrics such as average posts, average likes and comments etc. It then proposes hashtag groups for the user to use on their posts.

The project was developed with Python using Selenium to access Instagram and Facebook Creator Studio pages and Pandas for the analysis capabilities.


This Very Site

I Created this website, and my personal landing page, where I can display my projects and interests.

It was developed using Bootstrap Studio, a tool, that greatly facilitates the creation of responsive websites.

Histórias da Minha Terra

I created a platform for the Prémio Arquivo 2020 competition an entity that lets you find portuguese webpages on the internet since 1996.
In the developed platform the user can acess old news of the portuguese media, by navigating a map and focusing on a geographic region to and get the news related to that area.

This platform was developed using React for the frontend and Flask for the backend. I also had the opportunity to learn and understand the nuances of the Google Maps Api which was a central piece of this project.  For the database I used MySql. Finally I learned a bit about streaming data since, the amounts of data received are big, streaming allows the data to be gradually loaded on the front end.

The Project is available in, an explanatory video can be found here.


PhysioClynx - Telecare

Together with the rest of the clynx team, I created an online platform, for physiotherapists and their patients. The main objective if for physiotherapists to plan and share what exercises each patient should do. It contains an ensemble of exercises that the physiotherapists can pick from or even create their personalized exercises.
This platform's appears to leat the communications between health professionals and patients to continue, during the quarantine times caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Landing page can be found here

Work Monitoring

I developed a program, that can understand what you are currently doing. By checking the title of the window that is currently open, and checking if it contains specific keywords. When requested the tool will give you a summary of you have been doing for that day / month. The main objective of this project was to improve my overall productivity.


C# Dependency Finder

I developed a program, that can inspect a C# project and find which scripts reference each other, and builds a graph with all those relations.  The main objective of this project was to analyse Unity projects that contain a lot of scripts and dependencies, in order to find dependencies that are not really needed or ambiguous.  It also labels classes and statics, and detects inheritance relationships, so that a better analysis can be done.